Video and Audio Production for Social Media, Marketing and Employee Communications

We have our own professional and broadcast-grade production capability which enables us to undertake a wide range of video and audio production projects.

We understand that budgets are always tight. Our in-house production facilities are designed so that you can add video and audio content to your social media, marketing and employee communications activities without breaking the bank.

Video and audio production services

These are some of the production services we provide:


Advice on integrating content with business objectives and marketing or communications plan

Idea development and storyboarding

Script writing and advice

Location finding



Single and multi-camera HD video recording

Full location lighting kit

Wired and wireless microphones

Multi-channels wound recording and mixing

On-set sound playback

Location and studio-based shoots

White-screen / green-screen


Editing and visual effects using AVID, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and Photoshop


Colour grading


Audio mixing

Output to multiple video file formats

Upload to YouTube and other video sharing platforms

DVD duplication

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